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Welcome to News TickoR - Spreading the News made easy


Within the clinical enterprise I'm working for we have a need for spreading messages from several sources quickly through the hospitals. The messages derive from the IT center, the facility management and other service centers.

Since I'm a rails aficionado I got the idea to write a rails app to solve the problem.


Being even a small app News TickoR still has several features built in:

  • Messages are delivered in XHMTL, XML, RSS and PDF format. Ability to export an OPML file for Feedreader.
  • Several messages sources can be handled.
  • There ia a rights management implemented that distinguishes between admins, editors and authors.
  • Authentication against LDAP built-in.
  • Localization through the globalize plugin.


Thanks to the giants on whose shoulders I stand to get my work down:


Tux Logo CrystalXP for the icons

I know the real rails guys use Macs, TextMate, github and Lighthouse instead. But I always use the things I deserve.